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Zion Keepers, Inc mission is to address the immediate challenges facing homeless adult with substance abuse problem, people living with HIV/AIDS and people living with mental illness. We provide structure and stable living accommodation with nutritious meals. We provide appropriate referrals to mental health care facilities; we also provide the opportunity for education and employment assistance.

We provide:
Safety through meeting housing needs
ADA balanced meals daily
Structured environment
Substance abuse Education
Employment assistance
Community Outreach opportunities
Spirituality groups
Random drug Screens
Individual Evaluation and Assessment
Work Ethics
Referral Network
Mentoring and Advocacy



Board of Directors

Tommy Hendricks (Formerly homeless)(member)

Phone: 404-524-2743

Jere Wallker MPH (Member)

Psychiatric Nurse practitioner.

Georgia Behavioral Health Professionals.


Tommy Jones (member)

CEO -The seed consultant



Pastor Jay Jones (Member)

Director. Wholistic Life Church     



Hazel Smith (Financial secretary)

CEO/Founder, Mariam, Sanctuary

Phone: 770-630-9735


Melissa Lewis (Board Secretary)

Fulton County Dept of Communications

Phone: 770-572-1341


Ekee Erhlich (member)

Attorney at Law 

Phone: 904-405-6752


Chelsea Long (MBA)



Naomi Young (Board Chair) 

CEO Turning Point behavioral Health




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